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About YellowMoon

YellowMoon was founded In 2003 in the State of Georgia. Initially, YellowMoon was known for offering tennis lessons and racquet stringing throughout the Atlanta metropolitan area. YellowMoon soon began to expand its offerings and developed a clothing line as an alternative to the existing major brands.
Since 2003, YellowMoon has continued to grow and is rapidly becoming the brand of choice for athletes in the Atlanta metropolitan area.
The love of sports in Atlanta is what inspires YellowMoon. It has evolved and continues to evolve from the Atlanta tennis community. YellowMoon is about the love and time spent playing all sports.

The Logo

Most of us,amateur tennis players, wish that we could play tennis during the day when the sun is out. Unfortunately, because we have to earn a living during the weekdays, we only get to enjoy the sun during the weekends. We play after work, and it is usually dark by the time we hit the first ball. However, we can have a lot of fun hitting that Yellow ball which becomes a YellowMoon every time we toss it in the air to serve.

That’s the meaning of the logo. It stands for the millions of amateur tennis players that create time after work to enjoy the game of tennis.The wings represent the freedom we experience to do whatever we want on the tennis court. The black dot is what the ball looks like when we toss it into the sun during the weekend.


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Sense Your Game.

We all have rules and regulations that we must follow on a daily basis. When it is time to play, and you finally make it to the tennis courts, YOU'RE IN CHARGE .